Honor was a long time wait! In fact, what an understatement! For over ten years we actively researched the Danish Broholmer breed and constantly searched for breeders worldwide. However,  due to the language barrier and numerous other factors, any leads that we thought we had on acquiring a Broholmer ended up in dead ends. We became very discouraged and really almost gave up hope. That was until we were unexpectedly contacted by a wonderful and very well respected European breeder. We were informed that in about a year they would be breeding a litter and asked if we were still interested in a puppy. "Well, YES! OMG are you kidding?" So in June of 2009 we welcomed our beautiful Honor into our life and our hearts.  
Honor is undeniably one of the sweetest dogs alive. All she wants is to love everyone! She is supposed to be a guardian watch dog, similar to the Swissy, but there is no way she would guard anything. She greets every person and dog with loads of sloppy "Honor" kisses and a very long wagging tail.  And if you let her, she will plop her 110 pounds in your lap for hours on end. She has the best temperament one could ever ask for. You don't know how important that is to us, especially since we plan on being the foundation breeder here in the USA of this magnificent breed. Temperament is our top priority as these dogs are very strong and a temperament less than perfect could be very dangerous. 
We truly love our special girl Honor and looking forward to the day when we can welcome the first litter of,  USA born, Danish Broholmer puppies, hopefully sometime in 2013. We hope you enjoy the pictures of Honor. If you are interested in learning more about Honor or the breed in general, please feel free to contact us. 920-410-0142.

Imported into the USA in 2009 by Joe and Kathy Kimmeth
1st Broholmer in the United States
DOB: March 20, 2009
27 1/2 inches at the withers & 125 pounds
 BRO-356712 CERF Jun 16 2011 * 27 
HIPS: DBR-1G49F-VPI  Apr 23, 2013   GOOD 
ELBOWS: DBR-EL1F49-VPI  Apr 23, 2013   NORMAL 
EYES: DBR-EYE1/50F-VPI  May 21, 2013  NORMAL