Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Litters...
Sorry but our next litter of Broholmers has been pushed back indefinitely and most likefly forever. If things change we will post it on this page. You are welcome to follow us on facebook. There you will find updated pictures of our dogs and our grown puppies with their families.  
Please take note!! We have the only Broholmers in the Western Hemisphere. We have put our breeding program on hold due to serious health concerns caused by neglect of European breeders to admit there is a critical, inherited, genetic, mutated health problem . The breed is seriously afflicted with Degenerative Myelopathy, and this can be detected by an easy DNA cheek swab test. This disease is  devastating and debilitating with NO cure.  Dogs with this disastrous disease become crippled usually between the ages of 4-7 years old. The Broholmer will eventually become paralyzed with no other avenue than the family choosing euthanasia. We lost our sweet foundation girl Honor, to this horrific disease and do not want any family to go thru the pain and suffering of watching their once energetic, lively family member go desperately down hill physically, while mentally wanting to still do everything with their family but unable to.   We are ethical breeders and until they address this issue and STOP breeding Broholmers without DNA testing we will not breed our dogs. This is a very small gene pool worldwide and the impact that this is having on the future of the breed is intense. Do not let anyone tell you they have a Broholmer and try to scam you. We have the ONLY ones in North America and personally know where each and everyone is. There are no Broholmer mixes, nor any Broholmers of any sort in Shelters, rescues or the like. I repeat there are NO Broholmers in any shelter! They are NOT Broholmers. You need to know this!!!!!
We are very saddened by suspending, possibly forever, breeding these magnificent, loving, gentle dogs. They exhibit beauty inside and out, with a forever intense devotion to their families.  We have no choice than to be responsible and not bring heartache to anyone who has ever loved a dog. This breed will give their whole heart with no boundaries. They are the most loving breed we have ever had the pleasure of bringing into our lives. We hope that one day, we may again bring the joy of this breed to loving families. However, the future is unknown and looks very grim. We have not given up hope but reality set in as we decided that, in the meantime, we can not possibly move forward with establishing this breed in the USA. So for now, we wait and pray that the Europeans will admit their dogs are afflicted and start breeding only those dogs that do not have this horrific gene that is passed on to their lineage. There concentration is on Money and not on protecting and caring about the health of the Broholmer breed. And we will not engage with malicious people of this sort. 
A recent litter of Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs was born January 29,2021.  We do plan subsequent Swissy litters in 2021. All our AKC Champion pedigree puppies come with a health guarantee, health wellness exam, innoculations, parasite control, extensive socialization, a vast personalized puppy binder (which includes a wealth of valuable information), tons of love, and forever breeder support. We work hard to produce healthy, loving, gorgeous Greater Swiss Mountain dogs. We know that a puppy is a huge decision and we will match the right puppy to the specific dynamics of your family. We want you and your puppy to have a wonderful, life together. We will be there for you with our extensive support and knowledge of being actively involved in dogs for over 35 years. 
Broholmer Litters...