Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Litters...
Sorry but our next litter of Broholmers has been pushed back indefinitely or possibly forever. If things change we will post it on this page. You are welcome to follow us on facebook. There you will find updated pictures of our dogs and our grown puppies with their families.  
Please take note!! We have the only Broholmers in the Western Hemisphere. We have put our breeding program on hold due to serious health concerns caused by neglect of European breeders. We are ethical breeders and until they address their breeding Broholmers with DNA testing we will not breed our dogs. This is a very small gene pool worldwide and the impact that this is having on the future of the breed is intense. Do not let anyone tell you they have a Broholmer and try to scam you. We have the ONLY ones and personally know where each and everyone is. There are no Broholmer mixes, nor any Broholmers of any sort in Shelters, rescues or the like. I repeat there are NO Broholmers in any shelter! They are NOT Broholmers. You need to know this!!!
We expect to have a litter ready for new homes mid summer 2019. We will be taking applications once we confirm pregnancy in April 2019. More details will follow once we are sure our girl is pregnant. Please check back in April for more information on the litter with due dates, parents etc. Thank you.
We will have a companion puppy available from our Clyde and Maddie litter in March 2019. We were holding her and another girl back to determine which puppy we wanted for our show puppy. Please visit our available Pups page if you would like to know more. 
Broholmer Litters...