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We are a small, at home, show and working dog family with residences both in Wisconsin and Kentucky. While our main focus is the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, we do also share our lives with the rare and intelligent Beauceron breed.  And as you will read, due to DM in the Broholmer breed, our program with them is on hold.  We currently are working back towards our goal of breeding Broholmers that are healthy and not afflicted with this disease. They are a phenomenal, loving, gentle breed and we simply cannot loose all hope. So now more about us. All our dogs live as members of our family.  We are simply passionate dog lovers thru and thru. Our lives revolve around our dogs. We have decades devoted to Canine behavior and training,  with our knowledge of "dogs" unsurpassed.   We have been involved in Dog Competitions for over 50 years, starting with Obedience and Protection. We've show our dogs in numerous Canine Events such as, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Hunt Tests, Pack Hiking, Dock Diving. Drafting, Barn Hunting, Lure Coursing, Herding, Scent work, Farm Dog, Trick Dog, Stunt Dog, Fit Dog and Weight Pulling.  While we enjoy the time spent with our dogs showing and competing in all these fun filled endeavors, it is our daily family life with them that we find most rewarding of it all. First and foremost, they are our family companions, and sharing our love with them brings us the most joy. We especially enjoy the great outdoors, hiking, swimming, and free running our dogs. Our dogs are our life! 
We will only  breed from  the finest Healthy, Champion lineage. Many of our dogs are imported into the USA which allows us  to carefully select only dogs of exceptional quality from Health Cleared lines, that are sound in both mind and body. Our goal is to produce Swissies, Beaucerons and  one day again, Broholmers, that are not only gorgeous, with correct breed type, but also healthy long lived family companions, with confident, devoted, loving intelligent temperaments. All our puppies are extensively socialized and will go through a complete structure and temperament evaluation.  We want only the best homes for our dogs and are very selective in the families we choose.
Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy viewing our beautiful Dogs. Be sure to visit our Litter and Available pages if you are interested in getting a puppy from us. There you will find more information about  our selection and approval process.  We look forward to hearing from you.
As you can see by our website, Our Swissies, Broholmers and Beaucerons make wonderful canine family members. We find the combination of these three breeds is a perfect match. Each breed offers a different aspect of characteristics that mesh well with the others. While the Beauceron breed is normally the more energetic of these  three breeds,   Our Swissies and Broholmers are quite athletic as well.  They maintain correct breed type with great lung capacity and excellent moderate healthy bone structure. We breed Swissies that can enjoy the Great Outdoors with their families and can hike varied terrain without tiring. Unlike the majority of the breed, our Swissies have a fondness for water and many enjoy swimming. We even have Dock Jumping titled Swissies!! 
An integral part of our puppy socialization process is exposing our puppies to a variety of environments, which includes nature hikes starting at 7 weeks of age. It really helps to develop their human bonding experience and builds their confidence outside of the home surroundings. 
Luther pictured below is a excellent example of our Blackamber Swissy Breeding program. We not only strive to produce Swissies with amazing temperaments but also we aim to produce gorgeous Swissies. Although each puppy is not a cookie cutter of another, they are similar in Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed type and structure.  Our Swissies are truly beautiful examples of the breed in both character and charm. They maintain true working ability and loving Swissy appeal. They adore their families more than anything, and will give forever unconditional love. They are truly make a wonderful family member.
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Our Beaucerons look great against a fall backdrop, as showcased by puppy Langston.  As you can see our gorgeous Beaucerons are offered to families with cropped or uncropped versions. It is an individual choice. We love the looks of either. We also breed for both harlequin and black and tan coat colors. We love the variety and beauty each color has to offer. 
We are anticipating a  Spring 2024 litter of Greater Swiss Mountain dogs. Please stay tuned
We have two trained Beauceron puppies ready for adoption.
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