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We are a small, at home, show and working dog family both in Wisconsin and Kentucky. While our main focus is the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, we do also share our lives with the rare and amazing Beauceron breed. As you will read, due to DM in the Broholmer breed, our program with them is on hold.  All our dogs live as members of our family.  We take our dogs with us to as many pet friendly family events and outings as we possibly can.  We actively show our dogs in numerous canine competitions, such as, Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Pack Hikes, Dock Diving. Drafting, Barn Hunts, Lure Coursing, Herding, Nose work, Farm Dog, Trick Dog and Weight Pulling.  To say that our dogs "keep us busy" is a complete understatement. While we enjoy the time spent with our dogs showing and competing in all these fun filled endeavors, it is our daily family life with them that we find most rewarding of it all. First and foremost, they are our family companions, and sharing our love with them brings us the most joy. We especially love enjoy the great outdoors, hiking and free running our dogs. 
We are active members of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, as well as, the Lake Shore GSMD club. We love both the Swissies and the Broholmers. We are very excited to have the first, and still to date, only Broholmers in the Western Hemisphere. We have only the best interest of both breeds at heart. We only have puppies on occasion and all litters are planned well in advance, with great care taken in choosing the best matched parents of great temperament, breed type, and health.       We will only  breed from  the finest  Champion lineage with many of our dogs imported as to carefully select only dogs of exceptional quality from Health cleared lines, that are sound in both mind and body.  Our goal is to produce Swissies and  Broholmers, that are not only gorgeous, with correct breed type, but also healthy long lived family companions, with confident, devoted loving temperaments. All our puppies are extensively socialized and will go through a complete structure and temperament evaluation.  We want only the best homes for our Swissies and are very selective in the families we choose.
Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy our beautiful Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs and Broholmers. Be sure to visit our "Future Litters" page if you are interested in getting a puppy from us. If you would like more information  about us and our family selection process please contact us   We look forward to hearing from you.
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Above: In this photo are our Beauceron and Swissie girls (Treasure, Poete, Gamble and Ellie. Our Swissies and Beaucerons make the best companions. We love both breeds, and especially the high intelligence and versatility of the Beaucerons. We only have a litter of Beucerons every 1-2 years. 
We have put our Broholmer breeding program on hold due to serious health concerns caused by neglect of European breeders to admit there is a critical, inherited, genetic, mutated health problem. The breed is seriously afflicted with Degenerative Myelopathy, and this can be detected by an easy DNA cheek swab test. This disease is devastating and debilitating with NO cure. Dogs with this disastrous disease become crippled usually between the ages of 4-7 years old. The Broholmer will eventually become paralyzed with no other avenue than the family choosing euthanasia. 
Pictured to the left is our two Greater Swiss Mountain Dog girls, Dawn and Treasure. This photo was taken while hiking the Pinnacles in Berea, Kentucky. The over looks are spectacular and make a beautiful natural backdrop for our lovely Swissy girls. Our Swissies love to hike and they are bred to hike steep inclines without tiring. Our dogs are athletic, while maintaining correct breed type with great lung capacity and excellent moderate bone structure. We breed Swissies that will enjoy the  Great Outdoors with their families. 
An integral part of our puppy socialization process is exposing our puppies to numerous environments, which includes nature hikes starting at 7 weeks of age. It really helps to develop their human bonding experience. 
Luther pictured to above is a excellent example of our Blackamber Swissy Breeding program. We not only strive to produce Swissies with amazing temperaments but also we aim to produce gorgeous Swissies. Although each puppy is not a cookie cutter of another, they are similar in Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed type and structure.  Our Swissies are truly beautiful examples of the breed in both character and charm. They maintain true working ability and loving Swissy appeal. They adore their families more than anything, and will give forever unconditional love. They are truly a blessing, 
Pictured below is our available Beauceron Puppy Dog Hawkeye. Hawkeye is a wonderful "sweet as can be" advanced trained puppy. We are looking for a special home for this special boy. For more details on Hawkeye and how to apply for this loving, intelligent, loval boy, please visit our AVAILABLE DOGS page. 
Multiple Group Placing GCHG CH Grosser Family Altair RN TKN CGCA WWDS ACE BRONZE. We are very proud of our sweet Russian Import boy. 

Pictured above is our handsome boy "Ace" (AKC CH Blackambers Life As We Know It), a Willow x Scout son being handled by my daughter. 
To the left is our puppy Billy now Hero. He is our Aero and Willow son from a repeat breeding. He is rather cute and was the single pup of the litter so he is pretty darn special. Just ask him he will tell you so. He loves to talk with his deep Swissy "Baroo!"
Austin and his new buddy "Shaggy", from our Scout and Willow Valentine litter. This little guy is so happy getting his new puppy. The Limones family have two of our wonderful Swissies, Tellie and now the new addition Shaggy. What a great home they are we are very lucky. 
Page updated 6/10/2022
Nothing much cuter than 8 week old Swissy puppies. These two adorable boys are from our Valentine litter. We pride ourselves in producing only the finest examples of the breed. Not only are they sweet as can be, they are gorgeous with correct breed type and character. 
Our Swissies make amazing Family Companions. They adore children of all ages. They love to interact with their family and enjoy pulling carts, wagons and really anything you want them to do with you. They will watch over your children and be a gentle protector. Our Swissies are wonderful, loving,and completely devoted to those that they love. They will give every ounce of their heart for just a piece of yours. 
We lost our sweet foundation girl Honor, pictured above, to this horrific disease and do not want any family to go thru the pain and suffering of watching their once energetic, lively family member go desperately down hill physically, while mentally wanting to still do everything with their family but unable to. We are ethical breeders and until they address this issue and STOP breeding Broholmers without DNA testing we will not breed our dogs. This is a very small gene pool worldwide and the impact that this is having on the future of the breed is intense. 
As you can see, our Swissies adore children and are gentle 
giants with the newest family members.