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Payton is looking for her forever home. We imported Payton from Russia along with her brother Walter. We have decided to keep Walter here at Blackamber as a future stud dog. Both Payton and her brother Walter have "Fabulous" temperaments. Payton is sweet, calm and very obedient. She knows all the basic commands, sit, down, stay, come and is extremely responsive to praise and love. She is a snuggler and just a wonderful good natured girl. She will be perfect with most all families. She does great with other dogs, children of any age, and would be happy just being part of a loving family. Since we have her brother of the same bloodlines we are offering two options with placing Payton. One option is letting us keep her part of our breeding program and allowing us to show her when we feel she is ready. The other is simply having her as a family companion with a spay agreement at 18 months. Of course, she is more valuable to us if she is kept intact with the option to show her, hence, her cost is less in that case. We are asking $2600 for her with non show spay agreement and $2000 if allowed to show her when we feel she is at the right age of maturity,
Kassie is now available!! Kassie is from our Clyde/Maddie litter and is 7 months old. She has been reserved for a few months as her owners experienced some health issues. They had a positive outlook that things would change but at this time they are still struggling. 
Kassie is gorgeous and I have started her with obedience training. She is very responsive and knows sit, down, stay, leave it, walk on a loose leash, quiet, come, stay off and is crate trained, and will not run away. She loves to play. She will get along with any dog and will not be afraid to tell those naughty boys off. She is sweet and loves to yes "talk back" with her typical Swissy attitude. She however, loves interaction and prefers humans to other dogs and will follow you anywhere being right on your heels. She loves to snuggle but she is a tad more on the go than her litter sisters. She would thrive in a family with another dog or an active family. She can be spayed when the time is right as she is NOT a show dog.  
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